Ferenza watches don't just tell time. They make a powerful statement that being yourself is enough. You’re bold, unique - you are your own person. Why should you advertise someone else’s name? Ferenza shifts the paradigm for watches by providing equal quality and a price point that is a fraction of typical luxury watch brands. Produced by the same Swiss manufacturers that provide watches to many luxury brands, Ferenza delivers a beautiful assortment of high-quality timepieces. Designed for the confident man and woman - but without the expensive price tag. Because your own name is good enough!

IdeaPros, LLC

I imagine my customers are a lot like me when I started this company. You are ready to advance your life and career - and although you can't afford a Rolex just yet, you do want more than the cheap, mass-produced fashion watches you see everywhere. Ferenza was a solution that symbolized a turning point in my life, and I hope it does the same for my customers as well.

Lawrence Cooper, Founder & CEO